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  2. Mabry Campbell Photography Blog

    Immerse yourself in the tones and textures of architecture and landscape in Mabry Campbell’s photography.

    By Mabry Cambell
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  5. Photography in Oman

    On his blog, film photographer David A. Lockwood shares striking images of landscapes — both natural and urban — in Oman’s deserts.

  6. After the Final Curtain: Matt Lambros Photographs America’s Movie Theaters in Ruins

    Photographer Matt Lambros captures the decaying past in America’s abandoned movie theaters.

    The Loew’s Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York, designed by the architectural firm of Rapp and Rapp. All images courtesy of Matt Lambros, After the Final Curtain.
  7. Capturing the Eerie Beauty of Modern Ruins

    Is there anything spookier than the haunting beauty of abandoned buildings? In time for Halloween, we revisit these gorgeous shots of 20th-century ruins, and the bloggers who devote their time to documenting them.

  8. The Watchers

    “As spectators, silent observers, stoic witnesses, these structures remain mum to impenetrable histories, to generation upon generation of beings, rushing, stirring about, as water runs in a river, always moving, never the same, always the same.” RFOTOFOLIO showcases images of Rome by Liese Ricketts.

  9. Cate St Hill

    London-based interior and design blogger Cate St Hill offers inspiration for simple, clever design and light and relaxed Scandinavian interiors.

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  11. Moss and Fog

    Ben VanderVeen loves art, design, technology, and nature. At Moss and Fog, he curates and shares gorgeous images and stories around these topics from the far reaches of the web.

  12. Granola Shotgun

    At Granola Shotgun, architecture buff Johnny focuses on how we all live in and occupy our landscape, from rural towns to cities. Interested in themes of urbanism, adaptation, and resilience, he explores the good, the bad, and the ugly — everything is fascinating to him.

  13. Abandoned, Not Forgotten: A Look at the Haunting Beauty of Modern Ruins

    A look at bloggers and photographers who document the disappearing traces of everyday 20th-century life.

    The Sattler / Broadway Theater in Buffalo, NY. Image by Liz at Peeling Walls.
  14. Craftsmanship

    Craftsmanship explores the ethos of craftsmanship in its widest sense. The magazine publishes stories about the most interesting people in the world who work intensely with their hands, from famous masters to new creators.

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