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  1. Art, Animal, Essence: The Drawings of Charley Harper

    “To this day, animals are my guides to distant lands and fantastic realms beyond my urban experience and human reality.” Isaac Yuen describes drawing animals as a child and explores his favorite nature illustrations from the late Ohio artist Charley Harper.

  2. Nature’s Place

    Get to know the habits of insects — up close and personal — via Mark Berkery’s macro photography.

    Photo by Mark Berkery
  3. My Favorite Animal Longreads of 2016

    Pam Mandel from Nerd’s Eye View shares her favorite stories about animals from 2016.

    Photo by Pam Mandel
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  5. We Laughed, We Cried, We Felt: The Posts We Loved in 2016

    Curl up with some tea and a comfy blanket, and revisit our favorite reads.

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  7. The Grizzlies of The Great Bear Rainforest

    “This creature isn’t the stuff of nightmares or the villain of adventure movies. It is an extraordinarily beautiful animal, struggling to survive in an overcrowded world.” David at Incidental Naturalist travels to British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest in search of grizzly bears.

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    Photo by Susan Hays
  9. Eiwawar

    French photoblogger Samuel Bloch, an avid birdwatcher and hiker, is based in Finland. He chronicles his adventures around the Nordic countryside in photo essays on his blog.

  10. Goat Guidance 🔮🐐

    “While goats may be magic, these readings are for entertainment purposes only.” Love goats and tarot cards? Goat Guidance is a collaboration between the goats and chickens of Milk Barn Farm, Tina Cordes, and Heather Champ.

  11. A Woof is My Word For Love

    A family’s eternal love for their first pet: “Every tiny, beautiful memory of ours is a fort that protects him. Every time we talk about him, we give that fort a fresh coat of paint. Every time we utter his name, the fort’s doors open and the black boy comes running out, with his long tongue out.”

  12. Autumn Grizzly in Banff National Park

    Photographer Christopher Martin captures a grizzly bear — stark against fall color in Banff National Park.

    Photo by Christopher Martin
  13. Walking with Aki

    “I once stood on a sled pulled by 8 honest dogs past the tracks of wolves circling a winter bound moose. Now I follow a small poodle mix around Juneau, Alaska, still rebounding from glacial ice.” Mixing nature, wildlife photography, and writing, Walking with Aki chronicles life on the trail.

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