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  1. Quanta Magazine

    Quanta Magazine publishes engaging, accessible writing on mathematics, physics, and computer science, allowing a wide, curious audience to explore the latest developments in these exciting fields.

  2. Columbia Journalism Review

    Columbia Journalism Review is a respected voice on press criticism. It offers analysis and reporting for journalists and professionals in communications, tech, academia, and other fields.

  3. The MFA Years

    Founded and edited by Caitlin Neely, The MFA Years follows the experiences of first and second year MFA candidates in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

  4. Sphinx: Exploring Antiquity and Modernity

    Neville Morley is a UK-based classics and ancient-history scholar. On his blog, he draws connections between his field of study and contemporary culture and politics.

  5. Ida B. Wells Society

    The Ida B. Wells Society’s mission is to increase the ranks, retention, and profile of reporters and editors of color in investigative reporting.

  6. Duke University Press News

    Duke University Press is one of the leading English-language academic presses. On their site, you’ll find book announcements, essays, interviews, and other resources for curious readers, students, and scholars.

  7. NEA Today

    NEA Today is the main news site of the National Education Association, where you’ll find stories and features on teaching in 21st-century America, told from a wide variety of perspectives.

    Image by Max Klingensmith (CC BY-ND 2.0)
  8. The Gloria Sirens

    A communal blog by and for women writers, the contributors at The Gloria Sirens cover a wide range of topics, from publishing and teaching to feminism and surviving abuse.

  9. Gerry Canavan

    The web is big — so veteran blogger Gerry Canavan scours it to collect the best links on culture, politics, education, and more. Visit his blog for curated reading lists that range from must-reads to esoteric gems.

  10. Voices in Bioethics

    Online journal Voices in Bioethics focuses on the intersection of science, medicine, and politics and publishes interviews, essays, and news.

  11. The Electric Agora

    Billing itself “a modern symposium for the digital age,” The Electric Agora publishes essays on wide-ranging topics, from science to philosophy, by a team of multidisciplinary thinkers.

  12. Tabula Candida: Doodles of a Distracted Historian

    The world’s most erudite stick figures skewer culture, academia, philosophy, history, and more in these doodles from a history teacher.

  13. tressiemc

    Tressie McMillan Cottom is a writer and sociologist. At tressiemc, you’ll find thoughtful essays on higher education, race, the media, feminism, and more. Her writing and research are well-circulated and cited across major publications.

  14. Tenure, She Wrote

    A collaborative blog showcasing diverse perspectives on the challenges faced by women in academia.

  15. Almost Orthodoxy

    An online journal on theology, arts, politics and culture from a range of Christian writers and scholars.