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I'm a runner, reader, writer, and editor.
  1. That Day at Joe’s

    In this personal essay, Richard Gilbert reflects on his writing career and the motivations for personal growth: “No longer a young man, I found myself a young writer still.”

  2. Canadian Art

    Check out site pick, “Canadian Art” — Canada’s most widely-read visual arts magazine.

  3. Blanket Statement

    Chelsea Vowel on why the Hudson’s Bay blanket is an important symbol to the Métis people: “The fact is that wool is warm even when wet, dries quickly and is easy to sew. These are all important considerations in climes that can reach temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celcius.”

    Photo by Danielle Scott
  4. Ghost Story by Andrew Wrangell

    In honor of Halloween, composer Andrew Wrangell is serving up some original, orchestral horror music along with a scary story: “Let me tell you a chilling tale…”

  5. Poem For Children: Oughtabees

    A fun children’s poem about being yourself, by Rolli: “The oughtabees are circling! One’s sitting on my chin! Don’t listen to a word they say! Don’t let their poison in!”

  6. 8 AM Wednesday by Jill Tabot

    From Jill Talbot’s compelling poem, 8 AM Wednesday: “How are you? I am familiar with the question, but the answer always befuddles me.”

  7. Flash Fiction: Water

    A story in one hundred words, from Desmond Prize-winning novelist Claire Fuller: “It made me laugh, to see how they believed my joke. But the nag reared up and Lewin fell. There was screaming but no one jumped in to save him. We was all too afeared.”

  8. Inktober Day 18: Filthy

    We loved the expressions of the “Baker Street irregulars” — a response to an Inktober prompt, “filthy” by the artist Screentone.

    Art by Screentone
  9. The first friend I ever had in recovery was a heroin addict. When she first tried to befriend me I thought, Umm, I’m nothing like you, I would never put a needle in my arm. Then I heard her speak at a meeting. It was my story.

  10. Inktober – Day 17 — Graceful

    We loved this whimsical interpretation of the Day 17 Inktober theme, “Graceful,” by Belgian artist Dernhelm.

    By Dernhelm
  11. Photography
    Photo by Angela Furtado
  12. For The Helpers

    Winnipeg community activist Michael Redhead Champagne’s words apply to communities the world over: “Let’s teach with our example how to be relentless, forgiving and kind. When our world is this sick, we must be the medicine.”

  13. Canadian expat Matthew Barlow remembers Gord Downie: “But, in telling us our stories back to us in a way no one ever had, Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip made us proud to be Canadian.”

  14. Art
    Art by Chris Fason.
  15. Recording of “The Draft”

    Listen to Robert Okaji read his haunting poem, “The Draft”: “Yesterday I walked to the sea / and looking into its deep crush / sensed something unseen washing / out, between tides and a shell-cut foot”