Krista Stevens
I'm a runner, reader, writer, and editor.
  1. “I had grown weirdly protective of my Franken-scar. I wanted it to remain messy and strange and a little puzzling. That felt right to me.”

    Personal Essay
  2. Donna-Louise Bishop on dealing with disappointment in a marriage: “Sometimes, even maybe most of the time, one of us has to love that little bit harder.”

  3. “I’ve added ice to my drinks, a way to quiet the burn. Only to learn that though flesh burns, bones don’t.”

  4. “As much as possible I want to praise the hunger and the wanting itself. What your work longs for is to connect with others. That wanting is not ego. It’s artistic ambition, and your art deserves that.”

  5. “Hopelessness is necessary for the hard work of resisting tyranny and fascism. It is the precondition for sustained social movements because history isn’t a straight line. It is a spinning top that eventually moves forward but also always goes round and round as it does.”

    Current Events
  6. “You might feel lost right now. There is always a map. There is always a way.”

    Political Commentary
  7. The tighter you clamp your heart shut, the more you are constricting blood flow to your brain. Emotion has to go through your heart to get to your mind. Insight requires migration through your mind and back down to your heart.

    Current Events
  8. “The only difference between molestation and suicide is that you don’t die on the outside, you only die on the inside.”

  9. “These men continue to believe that I deserve their opinions. I want them to learn to keep their opinions to themselves.” — Essayist and historian Kelly J. Baker reflects on the men who email her.

  10. “…if I got up and raised my trigger finger to the shutter I would be stealing part of Abohane’s soul and chipping away at my own” –Mary Turner on the photo she didn’t take.

  11. “It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.” –Bruce Springsteen cancels his 4/10/16 Greensboro, NC, show over HB2.

  12. “It is my belief that Beyoncé is, quite frankly, sick and tired of misinterpretation and ignorance all together.” — The Gettysburg Compiler deconstructs Beyonce’s “Formation.”

  13. “There exists within me a deep longing to integrate the words I read with the life I lead, hoping that I will remember each line and forever imprint it on my memory, like one yearns to recall every crater in a lover’s iris.” 

    Personal Musings
  14. “You have to venture out into the snow or mud or other stretch of rough earth to make a print; you have to move with intention, allow the heft of what you carry — your joys, your fears, your weariness, your desires — to show up in your stride.”

    Personal Musings
  15. “So much of the ritual connected to love is about pleasing, about performing the role of partner to someone else’s exact specifications. And organizing our lives to match some sense of how we believe they should be.”