A Trove of Pro Site Advice for the Burgeoning Business Owner

Are you in the early stages of starting a business or launching a website, and looking for a little support? Did you know that WordPress.com has a blog full of resources just for you, on everything from picking the right fonts for your site to securing small-business funding to increasing your site’s traffic?

We do! You can find it at wordpress.com/go — here are three of our favorite recent tips.

Use Sharing Buttons to Make Your Website Interactive

When people want to share recommendations or are looking for advice, they turn to social media.

Social sharing buttons are handy tools for website owners who want to increase traffic and brand awareness. You can choose a particular button style that complements your website, or rearrange the order in which the icons are displayed. In some cases, you can even track how they’re used to further improve your site.

Make it easy for people to share your site — step-by-step instructions help you put just the right buttons in just the right places.

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The Four Best Website Name Generator Tools

Your domain name is people’s first interaction with your website, so make it a memorable one. Feeling stumped? We’ve got help.

Want to do more with your site? Get advanced SEO, eCommerce, customization, and social media tools, enjoy unlimited access to premium themes, and much more with a WordPress.com Business or Premium plan.

Your domain name is more than just the primary piece of your web address — it’s also your brand’s identity. To be successful, you have to choose a name that’s meaningful, representative of your brand, powerful, concise, and easy to remember.

With so many factors to consider, it’s no surprise that the internet is rife with website name generator tools. To help you find the best, most unique domain name for your brand, we’ve compiled a list of the four best (and free) website name generators.

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Small Business Spending: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Whether you’re just starting out or already run an established company, dissecting your small business spending is key for the longevity of your organization. It’s the difference between treading water and swimming in capital. To make the most strategic and profitable decisions without sacrificing the quality of your business, determine how to maximize your investment.

If you’re just getting a new business off the ground, chances are you’re running pretty lean. Let us help make sure every possible penny is freed up to support your business.

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Find lots more advice at wordpress.com/go, on everything from where to find the best free stock photos to how to sell digital downloads to how to write great blog posts.

July 5, 2018Business