Writer (and Former Acrobat) Allison K. Williams on Overcoming Fear

We’ve all been there: the drawing where the perspective is laughably off. The dissonance of a sour note when practicing a musical composition. The missed stitch that makes you unravel your knitting project to start again. Anyone with a creative pursuit knows that feeling of failure when what they produce doesn’t meet their expectations.

At Brevity, Allison K. Williams shares how she responds to fear, rejection, and “failure” as an artist — and uses falling at acrobat practice as a beautiful metaphor for dealing with them as a writer.

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And it does get easier. The more I submit, the more likely I am to feel a brief sting and move on, like brushing against the oven door. An hour later, I’ve forgotten. The more I submit, the less any one place feels like my “dream” venue or agent. The more likely I am to think, “Welp, sorry this wasn’t for you — who’s next on the list?”

In order to keep sending out work, I have to love being published more than I love not feeling shitty about rejection. Applying this idea to writers struggling with their own rejections is cold and callous and hurtful. I feel mean when I think it or say it. But it’s also the truth, and it’s a decision we all get to make:

Publication or not getting hurt feelings.

What do you love more?

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How do you persevere in the face of failure or rejection?

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