Andi Diehn on Her Blog: “My Brain Works Better When I Write Here”

At a recent writers’ circle, Andi Diehn, one of the writers at One Small Sentence, remarked: “I feel like I need to spend a week looking out a window, and that’s not happening any time soon.” It’s often hard to find time among our busy schedules — for our families, for ourselves, for writing. And when we do have time to spare, we likely don’t have the luxury of sitting and gazing off into the distance.

Andi considered saying goodbye to blogging completely, but then changed her mind: she realized it carved out a much-needed space in her life.

But then I realized that this space provides me with something I don’t realize I need until it’s gone. A place of reflection. While no novel is going to erupt from these digital pages, no book deal is going to land in my lap and make it all worthwhile, no lives are going to be saved or illuminated, this is a necessary space, even if just for me. My brain works better when I write here. So I’ll keep going. I’m selfish like that.

Thank you for reading. I really mean that. There’s a lot out there calling our names, and any time you allot to my corner is a gift that I feel deeply appreciative of.

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What kind of space does your WordPress site provide for you?

July 5, 2017Inspiration, Personal Musings, Writing