Share Your Passion: A Writer (and New Blogger) on Finding a Community for Her Work

There are as many different paths leading to the “Publish” button as there are people creating their own spaces online — from artists and business owners to poets and DIYers. Meet Jillian: a New York City-based writer who struggled to find her audience, and then decided to do something about it. Here she explains how she ended up creating Improvisus, a site where she shares her work.

I used to use writer’s block as an excuse, really. There was too much and too little all at once and trying to make sense of it in written words just wasn’t working for me. Or that’s what I told myself.

In reality, I just wasn’t giving myself enough credit. I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. I wrote snippets here and there but I didn’t designate a time to write.

I didn’t have anyone, online or in my physical day-to-day life, to share my writing with and get feedback from. That was what it was. I could lie to myself too easily.

Writing isn’t just something that I consider a part of me, it’s a part that I want to be able to share. It’s a part that I want to find people to share it with. I want to be able to connect to others with our art again.

So I started an Instagram for my poetry. Then I started this new WordPress for my poetry. Now I’m here. Trying. Not sure where to start, but at least I’ve started writing honestly with myself.

There is no writer’s block other than the will of the writer. I hope my will continues to grow in the direction it’s headed in now.

Visit Jillian’s growing blog to read her work (mostly poetry, with more to come in future posts).

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