Recipes, Reviews, and Edible Photography: Eater’s Manifesto

Visiting Eater’s Manifesto is like stepping into a fine restaurant. The site’s stark, yet sophisticated look is reminiscent of crisp, starched white tablecloths; the dishes are a feast for the eyes — lovingly brought to life with recipes and food photography by Suresh, the Amsterdam-based, London-born, food-obsessed owner — or should we say in this lovely context, maître d?

Eater’s Manifesto started as an Instagram feed in which my wife collected photos of dishes I had cooked for her. I became fascinated with the sudden multiple new opportunities to learn about unfamiliar disciplines, all of which were fundamentally connected to the act of sharing good food.

Duck (Or Not) With Carrots.

Together, the sum of the parts continues to morph into a full creative expression of the myriad joys extracted from the simple desire to eat well. This blog is merely another step in the same direction, and one which specifically gives an outlet for writing — something which I’ve quietly craved for years.

Pork with Fragrant Rose Rub.

For more, visit Eater’s Manifesto and follow the site on Instagram. Love the sophisticated look of the site? Check out the Zuki theme.

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