As Far as the Eye Can See: Four Bloggers, Four Landscapes

Landscape photography can evoke a broad range of emotions: from the soothing visual rhythms of rolling hills to the drama of stormy seas and sheer cliffsides. Below is a small selection of photos that recently stood out to us — and that represent a much larger community of photographers, travelers, and adventurers who capture beautiful shots every single day.

jiminy magazine

Created by Danni Claire and Emily Long, two friends from the UK, jiminy magazine is a lifestyle site that focuses on sustainability, local sourcing, and ethical design and travel, with posts on crafts, food, and other related topics. It also features some powerful imagery — like the shot below, from a recent post about a trip to Machu Picchu, the famous Inca citadel in Peru.

Herman van Bon Photography

Born in the Netherlands and currently living in Napier, South Africa, Herman van Bon explores the poetic qualities of photography — sometimes literally, like in his series of photo haiku. His images highlight the ethereal beauty of the landscapes around him, and the above photo is no exception; we loved how so much of the visual action takes place in the sky, with terrestrial life — trees, grass — merely a secondary character in a much bigger story.

Notes to Self

Ranga Rohini is an architect, urban sketcher, and photographer based in Chennai, India. While traditional street photography focuses on people and how they collectively weave the fabric of city life, her cityscapes focus on lines and shapes. Her work shows the same play of light, form, and mood that landscape photographers highlight in their shots, only transposed to a human-made environment — like in this shot from a trip to Malacca, Malaysia, which she shared in response to a recent photo challenge at The Daily Post.

Still Unique Photography

Photoblogger Lynda is an active member of the blogging community, and specializes in both macro and landscape shots. Her Beauty Breaks series is a recurring feature of wordless, one-photo posts celebrating the incredible sights she comes across in her travels and around her home in South Carolina. The photo above, from the Oregon Coast, offers an alternative take on a seascape: she focuses not on the open expanse of the ocean, but on the promise of what lies just beyond the bluff.

If you feel like losing yourself in more stunning landscapes, browse our archives for other posts on landscape photography.

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